Tour of the Taj Mahal

The same day taj mahal tour by train is exclusively intended for those tourists who want to explore Taj Mahal in one day from Delhi and return by India’s fastest train, the Gatimaan Express. This tour package has been created especially for travelers who want to explore the Taj Mahal in one day. Enjoy a day trip to see the Taj Mahal from Delhi aboard the Gatimaan Express, a luxury train that travels between the cities of Delhi and Agra and back again, with lunch supplied on board.

Things to buy in Agra

1/Buying slippers and shoes

If you’re visiting Agra and have some spare time, you should definitely stop by one of the many leather shoe factories (Agra is the largest manufacturer of gents’ and ladies’ leather shoes, and almost 95% of India’s leather shoe export is manufactured and exported from Agra). A few years ago, the majority of export houses did not deal with retail consumers. However, times have changed, and nowadays almost all of the main export houses in Agra have a retail shop on the grounds of their business.

2/Zardozi (shopping for embroidery)

Zardozi is an art form from Agra that is both well-known and relatively unknown. The Muslim artisans of Agra are known for their exquisite embroidery, which can be purchased as a memento of your trip. Agra is where the top Indian fashion houses go to get their “Dabka” embroidery done, which they utilize to embellish their ethnic assortment. They pay extremely low wages but then resell the finished products for astronomical sums.
Shops in Agra and other Indian cities sell zardozi masterpieces made by artisans such as the late Mr. Shamshuddin (Shams). Art has no standard market value, but it is negotiable to acquire the best price.

3/Petha of Agra

The vast majority of Indians have a serious sweet tooth. In a time when the safety of milk products is under constant scrutiny, the Agra specialty petha sweet eliminates any potential for adulteration by not using any milk products. Made from bitter gourd with lime and heaps of sugar, the petha sweet is a product of Agra; however, lately some other towns are also creating the sweet, but none can compare to the taste of Agra.
In addition to petha, one of the most well-known products that originates from Agra is called “Dal Moth.” This delicious snack is made by frying lentils in gram flour and adding a variety of dry fruits to the mixture.

4/Crafts with a Marble Inlay

While you are on your tour of Agra, you will have the opportunity to purchase marble handicrafts such as beautiful coasters, jewelry boxes, and table tops that are adorned with the art of pietra dura. This craft, known as “Pacchi Kari” in the local language, is now only done in the city of Agra. The younger generations of these artisans are not interested in continuing the family business because they can make more money in other fields.


Take a taj mahal tour by gatimaan express from Delhi and see the Taj Mahal the same day. Visit the city’s most famous landmarks, like the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, while hearing interesting tales about the city’s past from your guide. Take a round trip on the Gatimaan Express and eat a delicious lunch in Agra.

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