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Paros, a Cyclades island, captivates all visitors with its mesmerising blend of peaceful elegance, delightful local life, and a dynamic capital, all set against a backdrop of breathtaking vistas and perfectly preserved historical landmarks. This Greek island, which dates back to 3200 BC, promises a one-of-a-kind yacht charter experience by combining the best of ancient Greek history with magnificent natural beauty and modern conveniences. A Paros yacht charter offers a combination of Greece’s most treasured qualities, including gorgeous villages, stunning sandy beaches, and a rich cultural legacy. Here are our three top reasons to visit this Cyclades island with a luxury boat charter this season:

Historical Relevance.

Paros is a true testimony to Greece’s rich history. The island is famous for its unique Cycladic architecture and is filled with historical sites and charming settlements. The bayside capital, Parikia, is home to the Byzantine church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, a prominent building dating back to the fourth century, as well as an archaeological museum. A treasure mine for history buffs, one may spend a peaceful afternoon learning more about the island and its intriguing history. The Frankish Castle, also known as the Frangokastelo by the locals, is another of the island’s most distinctive structures. The castle, erected in the 1200s by the famous Venetian family Sanoudo on the site of an old acropolis on the hill of Agios Konstantinos, is said to have used stones from a variety of historical places around the island.

Lefkés, located 11 kilometres southeast of Parikia, is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades. Nestled on top of a hill, surrounded by olive trees and pine forests, this unique settlement provides a glimpse into ancient Cycladic life and history. Its whitewashed cottages and vast Aegean views are a photographer’s dream. 

Natural beauty.

Paros’ extensive shoreline, which stretches over 120 kilometres, is a stunning display of nature’s creativity. Chryssi Akti, often known as Golden Beach, is a world-renowned windsurfing resort located in one of Paros’ most popular bays. Its crystal clear seas and gentle sands make it ideal for sunbathing, as does Santa Maria Beach, which is renowned for its lengthy stretch of virgin sand. However, one of the island’s most famous beaches is Kolympithres, which is known for its strange, block granite formations. The stunning turquoise seas, which are located near Naoussa, Paros’ second largest municipality, neatly offset the unusual rock formations. The Monastiri is ideal for people seeking a tranquil, quiet, and lovely getaway. It is easiest accessed by sea, as it is located on the island’s northern side in a narrow rocky bay. The convenience of mooring in isolated bays, combined with the flexibility of a yacht charter, allows you to appreciate these natural treasures at your leisure, frequently away from the throng at beaches like Marchello and Pounda.

Gastronomic delights.

Greek cuisine is typically described as a sensory trip, and Paros is no exception. The island’s gourmet offers are best enjoyed at local tavernas, particularly in the beautiful fishing village of Naoussa. Local seafood, freshly caught in the Aegean Sea and served in stunning surroundings, is a gourmet feast unlike any other. Gouna, sun-dried salted fish, salatouri, ray salad with lemon and olive oil sauce, mackerel, and grilled octopus are all must-try dishes.

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