Noor Mahal in Karnal

The five-star, opulent Hotel NoorMahal was built in the traditional Rajputana and Moghul architectural styles. It features an outdoor pool with a sunken bar.

Large windows with lots of natural light, a satellite TV, and tea/coffee-making amenities can be found in the air-conditioned rooms. A hairdryer and a bathtub or showers are included in a private bathroom. On request, nonsmoking accommodations are offered.

Visit the spa and wellness center within the hotel to unwind or browse the mall. Services including laundry and a travel desk are offered. Additionally, the hotel has a currency exchange.

Karnal Railway Station is 2 kilometers away from Noor Mahal Karnal Jurassic Water Park, which is 15 km distant, and the historical sites of Panipat and Kurushetra, every 25 miles from the hotel, are further close attractions. Chandigarh Airport is 125 kilometers from Gurgaon Airport.

The hotel’s fine dining Frontier Mail Restaurant and The Brown Sugar, which serves a buffet and an international à la carte menu, are available for eating. The Polo Bar offers a selection of premium liquors, cognacs, and cigars, while The Cake Factory offers a choice of pies, cakes, and pastries.

Most Popular Facilities at Noormahal

Outdoor Swimming Pool – This location is ideal for a sophisticated and entertaining get-together. You can feel the relief by splashing around in the water with your loved ones. If you’re traveling for business, you can unwind by the pool in the evening.

Free WiFi – This feature enables you to maintain connectivity. The need for the facilities is greatest for business travelers. They are forced to stay in the hotel and do their work on time by this. Even while on vacation with his family, the guy has access to his office.

Airport shuttle – You don’t need to wait for outside transportation after you arrive at the airport. To make your travel hassle-free, the hotel will arrange for a shuttle. You won’t be required to pay the chauffeur any additional fees because this will be regarded as a component of the overall package.

Spa and Wellness Center – This wonderful amenity is available to you at the hotel. You are made to feel both physically and internally lovely at the spa. You can go to the wellness center and receive oil treatments when you’re feeling down or stressed out.

Room service – There are several reasons why staying in a room at the Noor Mahal Hotel will make you feel comfortable. The hotel service members are kind and bilingual. They may cater to both domestic and foreign visitors. There is always something available in your hotel room. Your needs would be met as soon as possible once you arrived.

Fitness Facility – If you regularly visit the gym, you can strive to stay physically active throughout your stay by visiting the hotel’s fitness center. The exercise centers are equipped with everything you’ll need to maintain your weight and size while staying on the hotel grounds.

No-Smoking Rooms – You can enjoy a wonderful stay in a non-smoking room without worrying about breathing in secondhand smoke. The fact that smoking is prohibited on the property will keep you apart and untarnished from the other visitors.

Restaurant – The restaurant is well-stocked and clean. For the comfort of the guests and diners, you have built designated dining areas. You will like the taste of the meal prepared with only fresh ingredients that are served to you, which includes all special Indian cuisines. You can eat at the restaurant day or night, and you can even place an order for food to be delivered inside the space.

Bar – The Noor Mahal Hotel has a unique bar area. If you prefer drinking, you can sit in the designated bar area and take in the flavor and freshness of the booze. You can choose from a large selection of beverages and wines at the bar. You can even taste the beverage of your choice and feel happy.

Good Breakfast – Breakfast that is of high quality serves as a protective meal for you. The meal is delicious and enticing. You have the option of eating breakfast in your accommodation or going to the dining area and selecting from a variety of options.

Accommodation Types – The hotel offers three different room types: club double rooms, club royal rooms, and the well-appointed deluxe suite.

Nearby Attractions to Hotel Noor Mahal

Rani Bagh

Rani Bagh, which is near Noor Mahal, is the ideal location for a wedding. You might stay in the Noor Mahal and make arrangements from there to attend the event at Rani Bagh. The most luxurious setting, it may host guests with much pomp and a luxurious feel. The wedding location is popular among the guests to make them feel special on the occasion.

Raja Bagh

Raja Bagh is another nearby site that is located here. The location embodies celebration, food, and enjoyment. The grass here is noble and well-decorated. The bride likes the venue’s unique features on the momentous occasion because it is her ideal location. The lawn is simply wonderful and can fulfill the occasion’s needs exceptionally. You can mainly use it for wedding purposes where so many guests can be entertained.

Atal Park

The largest park in the center of the city, near Noor Mahal, and a well-known open-air theatre are both located there. You can fully appreciate the atmosphere because the location is now part of the smart city initiative. It serves as the neighborhood’s gathering place and has many entertaining features. People come here for social gatherings and the rest of the entertaining stuff.


When visiting and estimating the location of the Noor Mahal, there are further specialties to anticipate. Because of its many available aesthetic features, it is the lodging of choice. It’s time to experience the refinement of the Noor Mahal and take part in its allure. You have more to appreciate with the show and exuberance of the most recent quality at the venue of your choice, which might be elegant. You can choose it as the sophisticated venue for the upcoming ceremony in life.

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