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Holidays allow you to escape from everyday life but also to discover a new environment or a new culture, especially for those who decide to leave Belgium and take advantage of their free time to conquer unknown territories. However, before organizing your vacation, it is best to ask yourself the following question: should I go alone or accompanied?

The benefits of a solo vacation

If you decide to go alone, the advantages will be many because you can organize your vacation as you see fit. First let’s talk about the main advantages of traveling alone.


Indeed, a very positive point in the fact of traveling alone is not to depend on anyone. No need to take into account the opinion of your companion or partner, or to have to drag your children to places they have no desire to visit, it’s up to you, you’re free!


Traveling alone allows you to open up to the world, to take an interest in others, and therefore to meet people, locals or other solo travelers.

Going with others often means going with like-minded people, friends or family, who speak the same language and therefore probably have the same culture, so going alone allows you to fully immerse yourself in the culture, losing certain habits. unique to your culture.

Moreover, how would you like to learn the language of the country by staying with people who speak yours? Traveling solo is also a good way to get to know each other because you can only rely on yourself and your own decisions to have a good vacation. As a result, you can discover the soul of an adventurer or simply take advantage of your solitude to rest without having to account to a third party for your actions.

Far from the custom of family vacations, some tourists decide to go on an adventure… alone. In more or less dangerous regions of the world, more and more of them are trying the experience of a solo vacation. But what are the real advantages and disadvantages of going on a trip alone?

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Of course, going on vacation alone also generates some disadvantages, particularly in terms of security, because a single person will always be more vulnerable than a group of people.


Of course, loneliness is the enemy of the solo traveler. After a while, by dint of being alone, it can somewhat darken the experience. Traveling alone does not necessarily have to rhyme with staying alone throughout the stay. So don’t hesitate to meet people and open up to outsiders.

Do not share experience

Creating memories is also where the principle of travel lies. But, what is even better, is to have shared them. Certainly, telling them to those around you when you return can be considered as sharing, but living them together allows you to truly consolidate the links. Traveling alone therefore removes this possibility of sharing.

The danger

Obviously, leaving alone is also becoming in some way vulnerable. It all depends of course on the chosen destination which can be more or less dangerous, just like the escapades made on the spot, but in general, it is much more comfortable to be several during a trip, for example in the event of accident. Money can also be a disadvantage because, when traveling alone, the costs related to catering, accommodation and transport cannot be divided.

It is therefore advisable to have thought about this before setting off on your own adventure because the total amount of your vacation can quickly reach heights if you have not considered this before leaving. Therefore, going on vacation alone can be beneficial as well as problematic.

To find out if you are capable of spending a few weeks away from friends and family in complete confidence, it is best to first make a short stay in the place of your choice to see if the we are able to overcome loneliness and go out on our own to meet others. So these are the main arguments for and against going on a trip alone, so now it’s up to you, will you let yourself be tempted by the experience?

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